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Click the "Shop ONLINE Now" button above, shop thousands of firearms and items in stock in our distributor warehouses. Place your order and your firearm will be in our store in 2-5 days! Non-firearms can be shipped directly to your home.
Store Hours:

Mon-Fri     11 am - 6 pm

Saturday    10 am - 5 pm

Sunday      closed

Yes, we can thread your barrel

for a muzzle brake (reduce recoil) or a suppressor. Here is a link to a video showing part of the process:

Barrel threading starts at $150 and infrequently is slightly more if we have to remove the barrel from your action or it is an AK, or some other uncommon firearm.

(ammunition supplies are better, but not great)

We do have:



38 spl

.45 ACP (some)

.40 S&W (some)

Please do not call to check on your transfer gun arrival. Contact the company that you purchased from, or the shipping company.

Tampa Arms Corp is the shop for all of your needs!


We carry a variety of firearms and accessories for all of your needs!


We offer gunsmithing with many years of experience!


Looking for a new firearm? We offer competitive pricing on all of our products!


Looking to sell a firearm? We do consignment sales. We do not buy guns from customers.


Looking to further your skills and techniques? We have an instructor for you that can teach your concealed carry course that covers all you need to know to get your CWFL and personalized classes if you are looking for more. And he can teach you in spanish.


(the Background Check is a separate situation)

Florida Law requires a waiting (cooling off) period between when a buyer (you) makes a commitment to purchase and when you can take the firearm home. Florida Law defines a commitment to purchase: when you pay the LOCAL retailer (us) for the firearm or for the transfer (a transfer is when you buy the firearm from some other dealer far away and need us to handle the paperwork and background check.)

The waiting period does NOT start when you make an online purchase from some other dealer that is not the local dealer from whom you are going to pick up the firearm.

So - click the above "Shop ONLINE Now" button and make your online purchase from Tampa Arms online store. Your waiting period starts and the firearm will be in our store (here) in 2-4 days. Yea!

(IF you have a Florida Concealed Carry Permit, then you do not have to suffer through the waiting period.)

The Background Check:

The background check is separate and NOT related to the waiting period. Everyone has to pass a background check every time a firearm is purchased, and you cannot take the firearm(s) home until the background check is passed (no felony or domestic violence convictions). The Background Check usually takes about 15 minutes, but on Friday afternoon or weekends and holidays, it can take several hours.

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