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Firearm Transfers

We provide inbound firearm transfer services from licensed dealers and online sales. A $40.00 fee per firearm, $15 each additional firearm on same pickup, will be assessed prior to background check completion. We will only allow transfer to the person listed on the invoice of the delivered product. 


The customer must be of legal age, a Florida resident with a valid Florida driver's license or government issued picture identification card that shows their current address. You will be required to pass the required criminal background check before receiving your transfer. You are required to wait the required Hillsborough County, Florida waiting period. If you fail the criminal background check, you will be required to pay $60 plus actual shipping fees within 30 days to return the firearm back to the original sender or the firearm will become Tampa Arms Co property. No one else will be able to come in and pick up the firearm for you, per ATF regulations.

Contact us at (813) 884-1784 if you have any questions related to a firearms transfer. 

  • We do  ship firearms from our store to other dealers. You must include packaging or a per item fee ($10 and up) will be assessed for packaging materials. 

    • Longguns $55 starting​

    • Handguns $45 starting

  • A $125 transfer fee will be assessed for all NFA items.

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